Chinese restaurant Winnie the Pooh, Madrid

My travels in Madrid in search of Chinese food do not fail to give good results. This time a great friend took me to the famous restaurant of Winnie The Pooh, very close to the Plaza de España. Magnificent.

Well, actually this restaurant is called 熊 仔 解馋 坊 , which according to Google Translate means "Square Bear Yangkeng".

Everyone it says "El Winnie" because its decoration is themed on the famous bear.

It's a very simple place, which fills up very easily at lunchtime and which mostly has Asian diners. As you know, that's a very good sign.

In fact, I can tell you without any doubt that this is one of the most Chinese Chinese restaurants I've tried in Madrid.

Los Prices are incredibly good and the food is ... keep reading 😉

What to eat at "El Winnie"

This Chinese restaurant specializes in noodle soups, dim sum and baos. p>

As for the soups, whatever you ask will be good. Just be careful because some can be very hot if you're not used to it.

My recommendation? The veal and the agripicante.

soup noodle winnie

Yes, I know, the picture is blurry, but I was hungry and I took it in a hurry.

As for the Dim Sum and baos you have a lot to choose from. And if you alternate them with tablespoons of soup, your palate will delight in the variation in the flavors.

My recommendation: the xiao longbao, the duck bao and the shrimp kao. Well, actually ask what you want, you will like everything! 😀

dim sum bat the winnie

There are also the spikes, which They are worth € 1 and they are very rich. The veal or the lamb are wonderful.

skewers the winnie the pooh

In total, if 2 people go, with less than 20 euros they both eat. And if you go only for soup (one for each) with less than 15 you pay the bill for both!

Few Chinese are as good and cheap as this place. 🙂

chinese restaurant winnie madrid


"El Winnie" is located on Calle San Leonardo 3, very close to the metro of Plaza de España (lines 3 and 10) and Gran Vía.

It is open every day from 11 : 00 am until midnight.

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